Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the Pritzker Pavillion

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    Last night I went on a very spur-of-the-moment outing to a jazz concert at the Pritzker Pavillion in Millennium Park. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was there to introduce the opening of the weekly free jazz concert series in the park.

    This shot was after he spoke and we ended up sitting behind him in the audience. After taking a few shots from behind, I decided to get out of my seat and walk around and in front of him for a better view. I liked this one best when he looked over at me.

    The concert was really fantastic. I had wanted to go especially to see the amazing jazz drummer, Michael Raynor who was performing. I had no idea that the mayor would be there.

    I'll be posting a few more here, but I've got to run. I have the day off of work today (Monday, too) to spend with my sister who is visiting from out of town. So, check back in the comments later! ;)

    Have an awesome Friday and a fantastic weekend!

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    1. ~ cynthiak ~ 45 months ago | reply

      We actually got to the concert late and assumed that we missed the beginning, but as it turned out Mayor Emanuel was late himself, so we hadn't missed a thing. As he entered the stage I started walking down the left side, shooting as I continued to walk across.


      I think the key is to walk like you belong there. I did and walked across the front of the stage until I got to the other side. I just wished I had had my 85mm in my bag, but since it was so spur-of-the-moment, I just went with the equipment I had. It was a great night!


    2. ~ cynthiak ~ 45 months ago | reply

      Mayor Rahm Emanuel sitting with the emcee who had introduced him and welcomed the audience. It was after a few shots from behind that I decided to get up and take some from the front.


    3. Viewminder 45 months ago | reply

      Girl... you are the most fearless street shooter I have ever seen I swear ta gahd!

    4. ~ cynthiak ~ 45 months ago | reply

      After the mayor got off stage, he made his way past where I was standing. I don't usually do well with people walking and I didn't do well here either. Nothing is in focus, so I can only assume that I was the one moving. It's not often that I have the mayor of Chicago walking at me! That's up-close street shooter, Viewminder in the background. We had the mayor boxed in, it's just too bad that my shots here didn't come out, it would have made a cool series. Check out Viewminder's shots here!


      Only slightly better here as he got closer to me. I need to work on shots with people moving this much.


    5. Renee Rendler-Kaplan 45 months ago | reply

      you're a brave one you are...and you got a superduper portrait! congrats on Chicagoist!

    6. lookingthroughjeffslens 45 months ago | reply

      .... rumour has it, he has quite the vocabulary and known for quite the descriptive out bursts. So did he drop a few "F" bombs well introducing the free Jazz concerts? Then again, what do I know.

    7. Viewminder 45 months ago | reply

      Congrats on being featured in Chicagoist girl! You rock!

      I thought I was gonna get an 'F-bomb' thrown at me when I was shootin' him from a foot away and I said 'Rahm how about a closeup!'

      You got some cajones girl!

    8. Pi In Chi 45 months ago | reply

      Great shot!!

    9. J C E P O N G 45 months ago | reply

      Great job Cynthia! Awesome love the way you & VM work this series of shots.

      Too bad for I want to go there yesterday too. I happened to come across a friend while on my bike and ended up having dinner instead. But I wouldn't have been able to pull off the shots you did. I don't have the grit to do it.

      Great job! Enjoy the weekend with your sis!

    10. J C E P O N G 45 months ago | reply

      You rock VM! You're a naturally talented Photojournalist!

    11. The Goat Whisperer 45 months ago | reply

      That look seems to imply that he wants to beat you to death with your own camera. . )
      Great shot!

    12. Jude Z 45 months ago | reply

      awesome capture of Mr Rahm

    13. Flickr_Rick 45 months ago | reply

      Great shot Cyn! If he is as foul as some of the comments indicate, we could pack him up with the former mayor of Salt Lake City and ship them off to some faraway place :)

    14. eweliyi 45 months ago | reply

      wow the Pvillion is something extra isn't it?

    15. Chicagos~Finest 45 months ago | reply

      Very nice capture!!

    16. ChernobylBob 45 months ago | reply

      Wow! You are amazing. I love that you got so close. I really need to grow some balls... :p

    17. Yehohanan92 [deleted] 43 months ago | reply

      really good! I like his lines!

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