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[March 2014] So...I confess: this set is kind of a mess!

When I first started using Flickr way back in 2006, when the community was a lot smaller and traffic was a lot lighter (if current stats are to be believed), I was putting photos in this group if they had been 'faved' at least three times. Because "three's a charm" -- or something along those lines.

Then, in June of 2010 (for reasons I won't go into here & now), I elected to make all of my images temporarily private -- having no idea that doing so would eliminate or erase ALL of the 'faves' associated with all of my photos...after four years of being on Flickr...whether three or three hundred people had 'faved' them. Needless to say, I was kind of heartbroken over that little mishap. :(

But I left everything as is and figured people would just have to trust me that the photos in this group had been 'faved' by a certain number of folks in the past.

More recently, I decided to only add photos that have received at least 20 'faves.' Not that 20 is a lot. But it was a place to start -- or start over again.

(Not that anyone else but me is counting or paying attention to this stuff!!)
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