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...and they called it puppy love!!

Angel is huggin the puppy... how sweet is that????

(ok, really they were wrestling, but doesn't it look like they are hugging??)


Today's Random Fact: We are fostering a puppy for Wayside Waifs. (Yes Jo... that means we don't keep her!)

When they take in puppies at WW, they like for them to live in a home for a couple of weeks to help socialize them to make them good adoptions. It's better than having them in kennels with little human interaction. Puppies are usually fostered from the age of 5-6 weeks to 8-9 weeks. We are going to have this puppy for about 17 days.

It's our first time doing this, we plan to have fosters puppies 5-6 times a year. It's kind of unusual to have only one, but I'm glad since we are just getting started! She is really sweet and very smart! (and no accidents in the house yet, which is awesome!!)

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Taken on February 20, 2009