SF Randonneurs Fall Populaire 2013
Wasn't sure if I would be able to attend this (my only rando-type thing thus far this year!) ride. But, things fell into place and it ended up being a perfect cap to a fine birthday week!
After realizing during Friday's tech-tune that the Quickbeam was not going to be the ride of the day, I swapped some things to the stripped down Hilsen and figured it would all work out.

After finding JimG at the pre-ride meeting, we got separated in the scrum and by my weirdly seeming to catch every single yellow light on Bridgeway. But we found one another again before the first control and ended up riding the rest of the course together.

It ended up being a fine ride - I'd kept things reigned in a bit on the front end and found that the last couple months of riding only the QB (fixed) was a helpful way to jump up to ~70 miles. I think it's probably the longest ride of my year so far, and it finally felt like I'd gotten more solid rides in.

Met some new brevet riders and touched base with some old friends. Ended up back at Crissy Field around 2 pm, under stunningly sunny skies, and watched large, fast spaceships with sails contesting something involving drinking vessels. Or something like that.

Good spirits and good food awaited us, courtesy of the SFR volunteers. Seemed like a bunch of new riders got to get a taste of brevets and the odd and inviting folks who frequent them.
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