SFR Summer Populaire - 6/25/11
71 mile "Populaire" brevet, designed to be an easy introduction to randonneurring. Put on by the San Francisco Randonneurs, the course began at 7 am, ran up to Pt. Reyes Station, looped back through Nicasio and then returned to Crissy Field in San Francisco. There were two controls on course.

Ended up riding just about every mile of the course with JimG, with whom I hadn't ridden in way too long. Scheduling/work/life... that sort of thing.

We finished at about 13:15, so rolling time was 6 hrs, 15 minutes, with two control stops and a few rests along the way. Without scrupulous fact-checking, we both think it's the longest ride we'd logged this year.

Great day out!

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