San Francisco Randonneurs 200K - 01/23/10
After a week or so of solid heavy rains, the first brevet of the San Francisco Randonneurs brevet season kicked off. Though the streets were wet to start, things dried off and we enjoyed pretty gorgeous weather for the most part - certainly a welcome lack of winds. A couple showers on course, but nothing too nasty.

Took the Quickbeam for its longest ride of the year (and I think its longest ride since the last 200K it went on).

Ended up finishing in 10:43, after running out of gas on the last couple climbs. Got to ride with One Happy Cog, who pointed out Velocia as she passed us on Hwy 1, finally met and rode a bit with Franklyn and had a great and grand day out.

Lighthouse 200K Ride Report in two parts -
Part One - SF - Lighthouse
Part Two - Lighthouse-Marshall-SF

Results are already posted by Carlos, who also posted an 8:57 for the day -

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Franklyn W

There's also an aggregated stream for the San Francisco Randonneurs.
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