Pt Reyes Station Loop 1/2/10
Estaban and Aaron had arrived in the Bay area brandishing a pair of Romulii, and plans came together for a Pt. Reyes Station run Bradley showed up on his Quickbeam, JimG arrived on his Kogswell, and AdamA rolled up with his Box Dog Bikes Pelican.

The weather and flats gods attempted to conspire against us, hitting us with heavy mistiness for the first half hour or so and injecting several pieces of sand-sized glass into Aaron's front tire. He was the first to leave the group (but then caught up to us in Pt. Reyes Station).

Bradley rolled up the toughest climb of the day, before falling prey to linear time and the need to be back in the City.

The rest of us rolled our way onward, arriving with the sun in Pt. Reyes Station, running into One Happy Cog who snapped a most excellent group shot.

I split from the group in Fairfax, but not before enjoying great company and a wonderful ride. Ticked over 82 miles by the time I reached home.

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