The Last Cross Race of Last Year
Update -
CXSR Results Are Posted (Although they still show Paul P winning our singlespeed race...)

And, the video is up!

There's also a longer writeup over on the blog.

Rumors were afoot that the Chico Hooligans were going show up in Santa Rosa for the final BikeMonkey CX race of the 2008/9 season. Gino was rarin' to get his newly-found Vanilla singlespeed cross bike dirty and the rest of the Team Paul squad seemed to be up for the adventure. JimG showed up to ring cowbells, heckle, wrench and generally help wave the flag for the locals

For once this CX season, the weather gods showed their sense of humor, and let it rain for the latter half of the week.

I swapped tires and stripped bits off the Quickbeam, watched Gino skitter away from me in the Singlespeed race, then decided that since it was free to do a second race, I'd enter the old guys division on a geared bike. Gino got some of the better images of what a great idea that was.

I think it would have been much, much smarter to simply run the singlespeed again, as by that time (three waves of racers) later, the course was sticky nasty muddy, though I did my best to skim most of the gunk off the race circuit and onto my body and bike frame.

More/better photos from Gino

Roy of the Hooligans got some shots.

My pencam sensei JimG checks in with this set.

JimG also worked magic with the vid camera, and the video is now posted on Vimeo - check it here!
Thanks again JimG!

Inglis was there snapping some photos.
As was nickgaetano.
babageik's set of photos.

Scott's photos over on Picasa. Including one from the last moments of bouyant optimism - y'know, before the start...

Afterwards, we made our way up to Healdsburg to the Bear Republic Brewery, hung out and had a grand rest of the evening.
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