Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights - 2011
Gdańsk, the home of the Solidarity movement, once a member of the Hanseatic league, and the largest city of the Kashubian ethnic group. Gdańsk has certainly come a long way from its origins as a fishing village in the 9th century and it is the jewel of a region which ranges from the sand dunes of Slowinski National Park, to the ancient shores of the Vistula River, to the tranquility of the Zarnowieckie Lake.

Add the UNESCO listed gothic old town of Toruń, the intact fortified medieval walls of Chelmno, the 15th century Basilica in Pelplin, and the magnificent Malbork Castle and you're up for a week of amazing memories, unforgettable cycling, and remarkable sights.
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