Day in the life of...
This is a photo and twitter record of my Tuesday, 22 July 2008. I created this set as my entry for the Librarian Day in the Life PBwiki. The project was surprisingly distracting. I kept thinking "I should twitter this or take a photo". Even so, the number of photos and tweets seems... inadequate in retrospect. I spend so much of my day in front of my computer, reading and responding to email, reviewing licenses, checking stats, troubleshooting access, and so forth. It's not picturesque, not easy to sum up in 140 characters, and not interesting enough for a detailed post.

Doing this project did make me notice just how pleasant my daily work routine is. My hours are flexible, the campus is beautiful, I see my library friends every business day, and my work is challenging, but not overly stressful. I am one happy librarian.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and my tweet record of the day:

• 8:59 AM - Today I'm creating my entry for Library Day in the Life. It'll be photos and twitters all day!
• 9:07 AM - Shoot. I missed a conference call yesterday. The coordinator sent an email Monday saying it was "tomorrow".
• 9:18 AM - John Ingram emailed an article which suggests that large aggregator databases do not serve undergraduates well.
• 9:23 AM - librarydayinthelife is too long - 19 characters out of the 140 twitter allows! I'm tagging them as "#lditl" from now on.
• 9:39 AM - I'm logging into to look for my link to the performance appraisal form. Time for Jamie's 6 month review.
• 10:13 AM - @ucfcba Nope, I've only seen you and me. The Circ department is going to use twitter as a note/messages service for patrons.
• 11:14 AM - Request to Twitbin - show more than 22 characters of my posts as I write. I need to *see* typos to fix them.
• 11:18 AM - Logging in to SFX admin to fix the threshold for a journal.
• 12:03 PM - Brian called - time to meet him for lunch.
• 1:14 PM - Lunch ended, torrential rain started. The storm is magnificent and distracting.
• 2:57 PM - Emails - check the accessible dates for Music Index, respond to publishers about our budget, announce change to online for a title...
• 3:44 PM - I just authorized a stack of database invoices. My pants finally dried from being caught in the rain at 1.
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