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Underneath the Manhattan Beach Pier, part II

Guess who showed up? Another roll The row of cars. IMG_8164_proc Alum Rock Color change Three bursts Finale Nightime underpass Streetlights IMG_8095 Ren's (Or sometimes, Empire Chinese) Where the nuclear wessels are... IMG_7803_1 IMG_7773_1 IMG_7778_1 Raku Firing 2 Raku Firing 1 The Kunde Cave The Ghirardelli square fountain, at night

These are moments of light that I felt I needed to capture, usually at night.

driving is all of my shoots taken while I was driving. fireworks are my fireworks shots.

Lately, I've mostly just been shooting these scenes with Velvia 100 on my film SLR.

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groovehouse says:

Awesome set! Thanks for sharing!
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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