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Joey | by cybermelli
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well, so, there's good and bad news.


the bad news... joey's hair is not any neater than it was before and she still bears a vague resemblance to a lion. but, she's unique... and, at least it's not really any worse than it was before.


the good news is, her suffering wasn't all in vain. there were some small improvments.


she's now gaze corrected... which, for me, is a huge plus


and, i made one vast improvement to the wig.


in addition to its wildness, it was always a bit too big. to compensate for this, i used a MASSIVE amount of glue the first time i attached it. so much glue that it dripped all over her forehead causing awful, thick, sticky stains.


it took me hours to remove the glue from her forehead the other night


i really wanted to avoid having that happen again


so, genius that i am, i broke out a needle and thread and stitched some areas of the wig together, making it snugger.


and, guess what? i don't need ANY glue to keep it on! i'm so psyched that i won't have to pour another bottle of nastiness onto her head. yipee.


so, i think joey forgives me. she doesn't mind having her wild mane. she's used to it... and, it makes her unique.

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Taken on September 13, 2008