Reams Station
The Civil War Trust has saved 169 acres of the Reams Station battlefield in Virginia.

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The Second Battle of Reams Station
August 25, 1864

With Union forces threatening to choke off the critical Petersburg & Weldon railroad link, Robert E. Lee was eager to push the Federals back from this key supply line. Discovering Hancock's II Corps near Reams Station, Lee sent AP Hill and Wade Hampton to attack the isolated Federal forces. "Do all in your power to punish the enemy" Lee told Hill before he marched out of the lines around Petersburg.

At Reams Station, Hill prepared to assault the Union forces in their entrenchments on August 25, 1864. Hill was in so much pain this day that he ended up lying on the ground in front of the Union entrenchments. Handing over tactical command to Brig. Gen. Wilcox, he watched the first two assaults fail to take the Union position to his front. His third assault, directed by Heth, and supported by Pegram's artillery, crashed into the fragile Union positions, precipitating a full rout of the once proud II Corps of the Union army. 2,150 Union soldiers and 9 artillery piece would surrender to Hill's forces this day.
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