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Silver Taps in the Snow | by cutterhoward
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Silver Taps in the Snow

At 5:20 am my alarm went off last Wednesday. I had 2 final exams that day, one at 8 and the other at 10:30 and I really needed to study. I got ready, checked my email, packed my bag and headed out to my car. When I opened the front door this bizzare white substance was falling from the sky - snow. Now I grew up in Houston, and I think it snowed there in first grade, but that's about it, and College Station, where I go to school, isn't much different.


I threw my bag down and went and roused my roommates and we played in the snow for a good hour. So much for studying. By the end of that time it had just about stopped, but there was a good amount on the ground, almost as high as the grass.


I finally headed up to campus to study and take my exams. Exams are the worst. I got home and did a little bit of packing and then a few hours later one of my roommates said that it was snowing again outside, and sure enough it was yet again. We went outside and played football and had snowball fights with the neighbors. The snow picked up to the point where it was legitimately a snow storm and you could barely see to drive.


Finally it dawned on me that I should probably head to campus to take some pictures on what was probably turning out to be the worst snow storm that College Station has seen in the last century. By the time I got there it was already getting dark and I literally ran from my car over to the center of campus. When I got there, there were people everywhere taking pictures and making snowmen. Luckily I was able to hastily pop off a few shots before it got too dark.


This is photo of the Silver Taps statue on the campus of Texas A&M University. Silver Taps is one of my favorite traditions at A&M and I highly encourage you to read about it here.

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Taken on December 10, 2008