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Taking the FJ out

Taking the FJ out for a spin in the local area and taking the new camera out too. Not a new camera in way of Canon, but smaller and more compact camera! Long story short, I needed a camera, that was not super expensive, for my daughter and photography class. I got this Olympus Pen camera for her. I told her once the class was over, the camera is MINE! I love having this little point and shoot that acts just like a DSLR. The original image is RAW format! I took the SD card, put it in my iPad, used an app called Photogene to process it and here you go! I sent the file to myself in an email and next thing you know, I can put it on Flickr with out much effort at all! My kind of work!


So, yes, where have I been? Those of you who have followed me in the past know that I do not just sit around and do nothing. My newest adventure is ham radio. :D


Thats all for now. The geek talk is simple. Olympus Pl-1 (I think those are the correct letters and numbers.) and processed in Photogene on the iPad. Done! Please, enjoy!

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Taken on April 26, 2012