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2 of 2 new glass test

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As you can tell by the two different images, I was not testing with the same length of exposure! I promise! I was testing the width of the 14mm on the crop (1.6) sensor VS the width on the 14mm on the full frame sensor, with the 5D MkII! And here you have it, my first post ever from using the 5D MkII! And There isn't even any exif data to show you because of the stacking software! But I assure you, this is from the 5D.


Kind of looks like the thumb print of God? Now before I get a lot of comments about how this star trails is TOO long and its nothing but stars and light, you have to remember, I was going for that EXTRA long effect, and I wanted to see how much traction I could get on that north star! The verdict is almost in. Last night, I acheved my biggest, baddest and LONGEST star trail EVER! This is what 9 hours of star movement looks like! It might be even more then 9 hours when you take in account the one second pause between each and every exposure!


Geek talk:

Speaking of exposure, this is a total of 1013 exposures! Ya, you read that right, over a thousand exposures on this one! Each one being:

30 seconds (total of 30,390 seconds)


ISO 1250


For more reading by me about this stacking thing, including a link to the software I use, I encourage you to visit my blog:


Why Stack?


I used the new Rokinon 14mm 2.8 prime that I bought just for star trails! And here is the kicker, look at last star trail. Thats the same glass on the 7D, MAN, I had no idea there was THAT much more width with the full frame sensor! I am happy about that! I even, in the far top right corner, have some stars over the equator! For the record, I think the full sensor was a much better fit, there are quite a bit of air craft lights out there, but only a few can really be scene! I do believe its because of the camera and glass combo!


Please, enjoy!

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Taken on January 13, 2011