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Ok, Ok, enough with the mermaid jokes! :)


So, a bit of a story, and it has to do with a snake! I blame the length of this exposure on the snake I found in the kids club house out in our back yard the day before! YA, because my son, the 13 year old, "MOM< A SNAKE". SO, what do I do? Get my camera with the 300mm on! (I wish I had time to get my husbands 400mm) He pointed it out to me, it was in the shade of our club house. The club house is a two story log cabin and the snake was under the floor boards of the second story. Any way, to get a clean image, in the shade, I knew a higher ISO would be a good thing. SO, I set my ISO to 320 and causuly snaped a few shots. I am guessing its big. The snake skin hanging out to the right of the hole is at least 2 feet long and its not all showing. I am thinking animal controll has to help, I have NO desire of getting in the club house EVER again! I had NO idea snaks can get in high places!


Long story longer, the ISO was never changed back to 100 and so the entire morning I was shooting at 320. UGH! And if you know me, you know I hate getting off of ISO 100. However, if you know me, you know I have been chasing fog for a while now and have had little luck! Today was different! Today, each time I pulled over and set up, the fog rolled in even more! I had to relocate 3 times because the fog became TOO dense! :) This was location number 3 and the same spot I stopped at yesterday! I am happy to say, this is quite a bit like what I wanted to capture, so may be no more AM wake up calls? LOL, ok, perhaps I am enjoying the sunrise shots. The only thing missing is the sun, that was more to the left. ANd when the sun finally did come out, I still never perfected the image with the sun and the fog, so life will have to go on! :)


I used for this image the Cokin soft grad filter, and I believe thats it!

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Taken on May 31, 2010