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CT-37 "Tri-Wing Terror"

This heavily modified CT-37 fighter plane is piloted by the infamous Sky Pirate, Don Karnage. Like all CT-37’s, it was originally designed and developed during the Great War for military use; however, due to reasons unknown, it, along with several other prototypes, ended up in the hands of Don Karnage and his notorious gang of Sky Pirates. Originally a biplane configuration; not content with blending in with the rest of his Sky Pirates, Karnage outfitted his plane with an extra set of wings, a heavily modified Viper Turbo-1 engine, a menacing black and red paint scheme and 2 extra sets of wing mounted 20-mm machine guns. Don Karnage has rightfully earned his nickname as the Tri-Wing Terror through constant shipping raids, kidnappings, and even the occasional brushes with the Law. Try as he might though, Don Karnage can’t seem to break his way into the capital harbor city of the sea - Île de Cape Suzette. Its impregnable cliff side defenses doubled with Khan Industries private Air Force have so far kept Karnage and his gang of Sky Pirates at bay.


From a childhood favorite of mine:) Hope you enjoy!


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Taken on July 18, 2011