The Other Journey - Parramasala 2011 - Preview Night
The Other Journey is presented outdoors on a stretch of the Parramatta River, combining large scale outdoor video art, moving storytelling, guided tours and luscious music which mixes Eastern and Western influences.

Audience members will take part in two different experiences. Leaving Lanka is presented to the audience while sitting on the riverbank. Through headphones and mp3 players, intimate stories will be told by people who decided to flee from Sri Lanka to Australia.

Becoming A Battler revisits the same people, this time telling the story of how they settled into Sydney and became Australians. For this experience, the audience is seated in a boat which gently travels up and down the river.

Every audience member will take something special away with them, and leave something personal behind. Passers-by can simply view the unfolding visual story each night from the Lennox Bridge.

These photos were taken at the show's preview on Sunday 30th October. Tickets can be booked here:

Photos by Guido Gonzalez.
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