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The Haunted Pumpkin Patch | by Solitaire Miles
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The Haunted Pumpkin Patch

Okay, another crazy country story to go with this pic. All weekend I have been shooting stock. We were tooling along the main highway looking for pretty country things to photograph, as we live in the city and never see lots of grass and trees. We were having fun being out there, when I spied a 4 foot tall orange sign on the side of the road that was cut into the shape of a pumpkin. The sign boasted of a pumpkin farm with a 300 lb pumpkin. Thinking that we might find a quaint photo opportunity we traveled down the side road, past acres of corn fields, towards the famous pumpkin farm.

Being as city-fied as we are we never expected what we found.


It was like the perfect X Files or Steven King setting for a Halloween Farm thriller. A dingy, run-down farmhouse with junk strewn allover the lawn, and an old rickety barn that was overstuffed with hay, and falling apart. Lots of broken down cars and trucks everywhere, garbage, old furniture and bathtubs on the front lawn, and 3 tiny little wire cages that barely contained 3 forlorn baby cows who looked so pathetic I wanted to go free them immediately. I think they were meant to become veal. Their sad brown eyes begged me to free them from their tiny, torture chamber pens, which kept them immobile, but standing up. There was a creepy looking pumpkin patch next to the ramshackle, but there wasn't any driveway or parking lot, and of course, no signs of human life around. Just sad little calf eyes peering out at us from behind the bent up, old wire cages. Needless to say, I shot this pic from my car window as we passed by, there was no way we were going to get out of the car and fall victim to some one-eyed, hunchback, chainsaw-toting hick. We were impressed by the size of the pumpkins, though. My husband suggested that they grew so large because of the rich fertilizer that human body parts provided.


I would venture to guess that there's something wrong with the water in McHenry County, Il.

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Taken on September 30, 2007