Manga visualizations
Visualizations of a Manga set:
883 titles
62172 books
1074790 (i.e. 1,07 million) pages

Analysis and visualization - Software Studies, Calit2:

Jeremy Douglass (Manga project lead),
Lev Manovich
William Huber,
Tara Zepel
Sunsern Cheamanukul,
Bertrand Grandgeorge (NUS).

Image processing of the data is done at National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center:

Supported by Humanities High Performance Computing award from National Endowment for the Humanities:

some ideas suggested by visualization (2/28/2010) - to be investigated further

difference in style from artist to artist is greater than between genres - with only a few genres showing significant stylistic differences)
(note however the total number of pages for most artists is much smaller than that of genre category which may contain hundreds of titles - we will work on this hypothesis further)

Chinese titles - all artists are stylistically similar to each other
Korean titles - most artists are significantly differently from each other

Josei genre - most artists fall in one of two distributions
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