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Freakangels Time Curve | by culturevis
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Freakangels Time Curve

Jeremy Douglass and Lev Manovich, 2009-2010.





The serial web comic Freakangels (

Total number of episodes: 57.

Each episode consists from 6 pages.

Total number of pages: 342.






The episodes used in the visualization were published between Feb 15, 2008 and June 6, 2009.





X axis: page publication order.

Y axis: brightness (mean value of othe grayscale values of all pixels in a page).




Like print comics and Manga, web comics may run for years with new episodes added daily, weekly, or monthly. How does their visual style change over the duration of publication? Are the temporal patterns gradual or abrupt? How do these patterns relate to development of a narrative?


To create this visualization of 342 consecutive pages of the web comic Freakangels that were published over 15 months, we used one of the simplest visual features that can be automatically measured with software – the average of all pixels’ grayscale values in an image. These average values were used to position the pages vertically. The horizontal placement of the pages corresponds to the order of publication (left to right.)


Despite the weekly intervals that separate the episodes of Freakangels, our visualization shows that its visual form is remarkably consist. For the larger part of the publication period, the changes in brightness (the same applies to hue and saturation) follow a smooth curve. Visualization reveals this unexpected pattern and allows us to see the exact shape of the curve.


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Taken on October 17, 2010