The Battle for New Orleans Public Housing: June '06 to Jan '07
Thousands of low-income, working-class, African American families have been displaced by the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) in favor of several big corporate developers' desire to cash in on the tragedy following Hurricane Katrina through building mixed-income housing. Mixed-income housing is open to only 10% of lower income families, leaving many without a home. The tactic being used are the new Eminent Domain laws legislated by Congress and the Bush Administration, which enables a more economically viable use or development to claim one's private property that is deemed to be less profitable. The residents of public housing are fighting their displacement on the grounds of undamaged housing and the right to return home as legislated through the United Nations.

Many public housing developments in New Orleans were built during FDR's Work Project Administration (WPA) programs during the Depression of the 1930s and are extremely stable and beautiful brick buildings. Some were affected by the flooding due to the levee breaches, but many of the developments being slated for demolition were untouched by either flooding and suffered minimal wind damage.

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