Let's Code Blacksburg! is a local Racksburg community coding workshop group powered by Rackers and local tech company and community volunteers. (letscodeblacksburg.org)
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Rackers with Let's Code Blacksburg!, in conjunction with the Rackspace DevEx (Developer Experience) group organized and put on this beginner java workshop... but that's not what made it unique. What really made this workshop different is that it was taught by a local 12yr old whiz kid, Grant Martin from Blacksburg Middle School! From Grant's bio:
"While Grant is young, he and his middle-school brother Spencer proved their programming metal by not only entering the 2014 VT Hacks college hackathon this last spring, but by actually taking 3rd place in a crowd of over 600 computer science college students from all over the country! Grant started programming scratch at 9 yrs old, at 10 learned C++ and started hacking on Minecraft (in Java) and started playing with the Arduino (C++). After taking several classes with Let’s Code Blacksburg!, he eventually began helping TA LCBB! classes (like the Arduino robotics workshop) and now at 12 is holding his own Intro to Java programming workshop! Wow! "

Grant was more than qualified to teach others about Java, so the LCBB! organizers got behind Grant, helped him with his class materials, code and presentation skills and Grant drank it all in and really delivered an incredible workshop! The class was a big hit and got rave reviews. The local paper even showed up and did a spread on this local whiz kid:

We (Rackspace and LCBB!) even leveraged some of the local Virginia Tech Computer Science undergrads to help TA the class, so we had tons of quality one on one coaching with attendees and no one was left behind or lost in the material.

Pointers to Grant's code, slides and notes are here:
Code: github.com/LetsCodeBlacksburg/Intro-Java-Examples

Slides: docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jxENXrcrq_AfPsfVZ2E-rnXx1...

Workshop Code: github.com/LetsCodeBlacksburg/Intro-Java-Examples

Rackspace Volunteers & Sponsors included:
Don Schenck - DevEx Rep (sponsor)
Michael Kropat - Teacher Assistant
Tweeks - KCBB! Event Coordinator and Instructor-Mentor

Virginia Tech TA Volunteers :
Stephen Kralick
Yasmine Bekheet
Anthony Clifton
Suwarna Poudel
David Gwizdala
Prakash Sapkota

**NOTE: The full class filled out and signed photography waivers (including parents for minors). These are held by Tweeks, and a sample waiver is seen here:
Thomas "Tweeks" Weeks
Education / Technical Community Evangelist
Rackspace -- www.rackspace.com/
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