SGCD2 2010: Final project
The project is part of a broader research aiming to understand the future impact of these incipient forces will have upon the contemporary discourse on the field of Visual Languages with a focus on their significance for Communication Design education.

How the digital techniques have interpreted ancient human practices? And on the contrary how to apply ideas developed in the digital space to static medium?
How visualization could redefine the relationship between qualitative and quantitative data, and how data, information, and knowledge can be synthesized and translated into visual devices? And which visual device can offer a better medium for this translation?

More specifically, In Chronology: The Distortion of Time we investigated these Communication and Design issues:
Representation of time
Interaction with static media
Integrating multiple perspectives
Narrative devices for representing qualitative data

The aim of this project was not only to visualize historical data about different issues (the war on resources, the role of mythical creatures, intensive vs. non intensive production of food, Thai visual imaginary, the representation of woman in fairy tales, rails transportation, media attention for freaks) but exploring how to communicate and visualize them through a narrative approach.
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