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Providence & Beyond at the Time of HPL’s Centennial, 1990.

A visual record of the trip taken to Providence, Rhode Island, and beyond by William E. Hart (Will Hart) at the time of the H. P. Lovecraft Centennial Celebration, Thursday, August 16th., 1990 through Wednesday, August 22nd., 1990; With side trips to Plymouth, Cambridge, and Boston, Massachusetts.

“A Different Angle.”

That’s the best way to explain what you’ll see I was looking for when I originally shot these pictures just for my own personal collection.

Now that I’ve converted all of these to a digital format, it only makes sense to try and share them with “Friends of Lovecraft” everywhere, in any way I can, as my early gift for H. P. Lovecraft's 120th. birthday, and the 20th. Anniversary of the Centennial in 2010.

I've always felt that pictures are a moment frozen in time; and you can never "own" that moment. You can only try to freeze it by recording it through your camera's lens, so you can savor (or savour for my British friends) it for as long as you like; and hopefully share that moment with others.

Let’s talk about Cameras, Lenses, Lens Hoods, Film and Cropping: The camera I used for these pictures was a Canon A1, with a Tokina 28-210mm zoom lens (great for daylight, but a bear for non-flash low-light situations), with a massive lens hood that wouldn’t show up in the viewfinder, but loved to end up around the edges of my shots on the actual negatives. I had no way to tell when it was going to be in-frame, but I did need the hood for most of my shots, so I had to live with it. So you might ask why I didn’t just digitally crop off the black corners while cleaning up the digital images; and that would be a valid question. The best answer I can give, is to say that I wanted to give every pixel I had available in these frames to those who will find future uses for the pictures. I’ll be 59 in July 2012, and I’m hoping these pictures will be around long after me for others to use and have fun with. Crop these any way you like.

Any pictures in this collection that have a letter “A” after their number have had further detail shots pulled out of them, and the detail shots will have a “B”, “C”, etc., after their number. On occasion, I found it was fun to play with the perspective of some of the shots, and those shots will have a “P” after their number. And when I decided to add some name (or text and arrows) information to a few of the shots, I put an “N” after the number of the shot. Whenever I changed the perspective of, or added any text to a picture, I only did it to a duplicate copy; so the originals are still in here too.

I’ve left the failed pictures in here, where I had camera, or operator problems; so you can truly see what I captured for better or worse. Not all of my pictures were “keepers”, but I kept them anyway. I've never taken "great" pictures, but I've always hoped to take "interesting" pictures.

Speaking of interesting, here's an interesting picture topic: What about the rights to these pictures?

I’m giving everyone my permission to do what they want with these pictures. All I ask is that you give me a photo credit if you use any of them; and drop me an email letter, or send me a copy of whatever you use them in for my collection if you can.

Get creative.

Please note: These eighteen sets, A-R, have being uploaded in reverse order so they will end up in shooting order in the Photostream here. Be patient as they are being annotated with final notes. If the title for a picture is only a letter and a number, it just means I haven't added the actual final data to that shot yet, but I will. I'm working my way through roll-by-roll, and subject-by-subject as I get to them.

After all of the pictures are annotated in shooting order, I'll be creating sets arranged street-by-street, address by address (22-May-2010 Update - I've begun the street sets today; even though annotation work is still being done), and linked to the map pages too.

It has taken hundreds of hours of work on the pictures to clean up scratches and other defects; and I can easily see weeks or months needed to put all of the data in here too; so please be patient while I'm building this long-term display.

In the meantime, your advice, Input and comments are very welcome.

If you'd like to know more of the background behind the pictures and the photographer, check out the electronic interview I did for the Lovecraft News Network, called, "19 Years Later, Massive Digital Collection of the HPL Centennial Celebration Released."

The LNN is located at: www.lovecraftnewsnetwork.blogspot.com

I chose Flickr as the repository of my images, because of the convenience for me, and the easy world-wide access to the full resolution pictures for anyone that might be interested too. This is a "Pro" account, meaning that the picture sizes and quantities are not limited; and as long as I pay the $24.95 per year, these files will be there 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The account is currently paid for through 08-August-2015; and I plan to extend it as long as there is activity at the site. And if I die in the meantime, and it drops back to being a free account, which will limit the picture sizes, and also limit the access to only the last 200 pictures uploaded, anyone can "Gift" a Pro account status to the account, and everything (800+ pictures) will still be there, and in full sizes for another year. If I'm dead, and no one is interested, the pictures will just sit there until needed by someone else in the future who is willing to spring for the upgrade.