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11 Fritz Leiber Jr 1965-1966 in The Equinox_ Journey Into the Supernatural or Equinox as Dr. Arthur Waterman

In 1965 and/or 1966, Fritz Leiber Jr. acted as Dr. Arthur Waterman in what became the 1967 release of "The Equinox: Journey Into The Supernatural," which was later re-cut, re-edited, and had more scenes added to it before it was released again in 1970 as "Equinox."


All of his scenes were silent; so you are just seeing him rather then hearing him in this film.


And which scenes you will see of him will depend on which cut of the film you are looking at.


The Criterion release, which includes both films, is the most complete way to see this title; but both copies are really dirty prints that should have been restored before release. It was very hard to even find frames that could be cleaned up enough to display here.


I've tried to arrange all of his scenes in this Flickr collection in the order they would be seen in during either print of the film; so I hope they bring back a few memories for those who've watched "Equinox" in any form.

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Taken on October 3, 2010