Spaghetti Bridges
Area middle and high school students celebrated the conclusion of intense engineering study July 30 by deliberately breaking the bridges they so painstakingly designed and built. It is the traditional finale to Cal State Fullerton’s Engineering Innovations Program presented each summer since 2007 through a cooperative effort with Johns Hopkins University. The program offers young scholars the opportunity to find out more about engineering toward the target of potential future careers and reflects Cal State Fullerton’s heightened emphasis on increasing student interest in the science, technology, engineering and math fields — one of seven universitywide initiatives for 2010-11.

During the summer session, students built mousetrap-powered cars, made photosensitive robots that followed a light beam and researched methods of cleaning the Gulf oil spill before they were given glue and a limited amount of spaghetti to design and build a load-bearing bridge. Each bridge was suspended between tables with additional amounts of weight added until the structures failed. The winning entry in the Spaghetti Bridges contest held 43.5 kilograms, or 95.7 pounds.
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