Policy Issues In Kenya and Ethiopia Ahead of President Obama's Trip
Please join us for a discussion on President Obama's upcoming trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, his third presidential visit to sub-Saharan Africa. The session will begin by laying out the broad themes and objectives of the president's trip and the state of U.S. engagement in Africa. Panelists will then examine the economic, political, and security dynamics of Kenya and Ethiopia, discussing the promising growth trajectory of each country, as well as the major challenges that persist.
Mark Bellamy
Warburg Professor of International Relations, Simmons College
Former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya
EJ Hogendoorn
Deputy Program Director for Africa, International Crisis Group
Terrence Lyons
Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, George Mason University
Sarah Margon
Washington Director, Human Rights Watch
Moderated by:
Jennifer Cooke
Director, CSIS Africa Program
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