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    1. keledy 119 months ago | reply

      banana cream pie I can no longer pay with pictures of pie? *sigh* I guess I'll have to stop my counterfeit pictures-of-pie factory.

    2. meghatron 119 months ago | reply

      When they make a new rule like this you always want to know what happened to make the manager bust out the paper plate and magic marker in the first place.

    3. cshirky 119 months ago | reply

      Somebody brought in an image of Thomas the Tank engine. Copyright Police cried foul. Time to break out the markers...

    4. |Me 119 months ago | reply

      Somebody brought in an image of Thomas the Tank engine. Copyright Police cried foul.

      How on earth do the copyright police find out about this stuff anyway? Do they have a 24-hour copyright goon squad roaming the streets of Brooklyn?

    5. mojo! 119 months ago | reply

      love the flag next to the sign.

      blind patriotism will set you free! (and protect you from copyrighted images made from food...)

    6. rjnagle 119 months ago | reply

      As ridiculous as these warnings/signs are, I like the fact that people are seeing them in public places. Even though the bakery may never have intended to make a political statement like this, in fact, every eyeball that enters the bakery will have to ponder this restriction for a moment.

      Although I'm sure I come off sounding a little smartalecky, I never hesitate to remind people in public places that public performances of "Happy Birthday" is an infringement, and that it is at Time-Warner's discretion whether they want to seek compensation.

      People have a disconnect between where they seek entertainment and their expectations about ordinary freedoms. Many would happily watch a Disney film or a Warner Brothers movie without it ever occurring to them that the company owning the rights might seek to enforce them in a way that impacts their ordinary life, such as cake decorations or birthday parties in public places. If these connections were revealed, people might be more careful about which kinds of artistic content they consume. More thoughts here

    7. ringmod 119 months ago | reply

      Yet more evidence that America is losing its freaking mind. My suggestion : Make a cake that looks exactly like the sign, and send it as a present to the copycops...

    8. Little Baby Zorak 119 months ago | reply

      It was in 2002 when my wife and I had a cake made for our very informal wedding. We were excited to find that you could get a photo put on a cake, and thought we'd do some crazy photo of us. But then thought, nah, that's too cheezy. So we went for the classic photo of David Hasslehoff and Gary Coleman. So my wife and her friend tried to get that put on a cake, and the people said, uh, do you have the rights to this image?

      After they told the baker that this was for a developmentally disabled adult who's a huge fan of David and Gary, the baker gave in and we had our Hasslehoff/Coleman rockin' reception!

    9. jenel 113 months ago | reply

      Guess I'll have to trot out my image collection of College Bakery goods in order to get some of College Bakery's famed patriotic service.

    10. ward2 109 months ago | reply

      I want to bake a Thomas Tank Engine for my neighbor's little boy across the street. I won't be charging his mother anything and I am not a professional baker. Egads, are the copyright police going to come after me? Will we also be cited for singing Happy Birthday?

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