It's crazy how a simple mirror filter can transform a video into something else.

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Even though this is just a test it's a bummer I hit almost every red light to really slow things down.
Shot with a GoPro Hero HD mounted to the front windshield of my car.
The black flickers are my windshield wipers clearing snow.
The mirror effect was added later with a filter in Vegas Movie Studio HD

Music: Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer

UPDATE - 5/22/2011 - I just made a new video using this filter. Check it out if you have a chance.

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  1. midwestmeetla 30 months ago | reply

    Really cool. I enjoyed this a lot.

  2. Gavin de Boer 29 months ago | reply

    this is amazing!

  3. Matthias Murphy 29 months ago | reply

    What hasn't been said before? Should I make up a word for "awesome?"

  4. yandameg 29 months ago | reply

    0:16 looks liek something out of starwars :P

  5. Mr. Mark 29 months ago | reply

    dude, great idea. right up my alley...

  6. liddy442007 29 months ago | reply

    Like the Special effects

  7. cshimala 25 months ago | reply

    It's in the description. Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer

  8. 6FootThre3 24 months ago | reply

    The distortion makes everything look so much more interesting. Love it

  9. That Girl Over There 24 months ago | reply

    This is brilliant. Just watched your Chicago skyline one and it looks even more amazing, if you watch it vertically.

  10. 2014AD 22 months ago | reply

    Fantastic! Everything! Raindrops. Music. The movement. Excellent work.
    it goes without saying that you should do one of the NYC skyline.

  11. luminair 22 months ago | reply

    Well done and good fun to watch.....thanks!

  12. Simon Polthier 19 months ago | reply

    Somehow I always think that the camera is no longer driving around a flat surface, but rather flying around in space.

  13. digimatters 5 months ago | reply

    have you done these flipped 90 degrees

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