SLC Dream

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A dream I had. If you want to learn more about night photography, subscribe to my Podcast!

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  1. oledoe 85 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Vanishing point videos, and this would fit perfectly into the pool! Thanks!

  2. TyeBoi 85 months ago | reply

    This is a great video! I was abit funny about the idea of videos on flickr because I didn't want this great website to turn into youtube. This video is just stunning though. Good idea and actually when I came across this I was listening to some ambient electric music which fitted quiet well. Don't know if you agree with me on that one but it reminded me of a kind of movie scene!

  3. stuad70 85 months ago | reply

    Loved the way the mountains came closer. And the lane changes ;-)

    I must get my blue tack out and the updated firmware for my point and shoot so I can do the same in my home town..

  4. The Midnight Writer 85 months ago | reply

    Hey thanks everyone... I had fun doing this... I planned to drive east until the light started to get too dark, and then it worked out getting of the exit I planned from google maps.

    I have a version of this cut with music, but I didn't want to break copyright laws... here is the song.

    I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with on here!

  5. eko5731 85 months ago | reply

    Belle vidéo, simple et cool =)

  6. tifotter 85 months ago | reply

    Was that dream that people in SLC will stop using their left blinker while merging right? Kidding... this is a nice video. Well done.

  7. Rachy91 85 months ago | reply

    That is for some reason the most facinating video I have seen so far. The mountain, how you were coming closer and all of a sudden you turn into town. You have the sunset and just the way it look when your changing lanes and taking curves is really cool.

  8. Linhy 85 months ago | reply

    your videos are awesome. i enjoyed every single of them

  9. Stuartx09 84 months ago | reply

    I really like this! Great job!

  10. khalidarasul 83 months ago | reply

    this is awesome..liked it a lot

  11. lafugadelogan 81 months ago | reply

    muy bonito. emotivo y misterioso.

  12. Le yeux sans visage 80 months ago | reply

    How do you edit this?

  13. The Midnight Writer 80 months ago | reply

    I used Aperture to import and crop... exported to a folder... used Quicktime Pro to piece it together.

  14. gwcleaners 77 months ago | reply

    pretty interesting, love it -maren

  15. -Golden- 70 months ago | reply

    Interesting one :), keep it up !

    Check my brand new and first video on flickr :

    Feel free leaving any comments...

    See you !

  16. fluffystuff09 57 months ago | reply

    AMAZING! Sooo cool!

  17. evolver911 52 months ago | reply

    how did you take this video?

  18. Toygun Çetin 48 months ago | reply

    i loved it! :) and i'm going to play need for speed!! :D

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