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1885 Schoolhouse, Tubac Presidio Historic Park, Arizona, USA

1953 Brownie Hawkeye camera, about 2-sec exp, Ilford HP5 (400 ISO) processed in homemade Caffenol C (coffee-based developer) then scanned twice- once with a layer of translucent course-pulp paper, the two scans layered in Photoshop 6.


After 100 years of several desertions (due to Apache raids) and re-establishments, the town of Tubac had a large enough population to build a one-room schoolhouse in 1885. Several other rooms were added over the years, as the school operated til the early 1960s.


In it's current preserved state, one can read the school rules and punishments on the blackboards, as well as school lessons. (the lessons were primarily given in Spanish) The desks have inkwell holders, and students' scrawlings in the wood from over the years. There is a stage behind the mannequin teacher, and even an upright piano. The walls have deep cracks from years of settling. The room is very bright from large windows on both sides of the room.


A reenactment program is offered to children, where they can come to the school for a day of lessons in 1885.


The Tubac Presidio Historic Park is scheduled to close indefinitely in March, 2010, as part of Arizona's 13 state park closures this year.

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Taken on February 7, 2010