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The La Salle Street Bridge is the third longest in the Chicago (if you ignore the ridiculously categorized Skyway) and only the Michigan Ave. Bridge features 4 bridgetowers like this one.


This bridge along with the similar Clark and Franklin Bridges are perhaps the three most beautiful examples of the pony truss bascule bridge in Chicago. The graceful curve of the top chord or the truss system helps to establish the unique shapes that make these bridges famous, and the bridgetender buildings for these bridges are among the more ornate and well-preserved examples in Chicago.


In the background, you can see the Clark St. Bridge mirroring the shape and design of La Salle.


I've always loved the bridges in Chicago but due to their locations and the buildings around them it isn't always easy to capture their elegance in a single photograph. So this time I didn't try - this panoramic view is 18 images stitched together.


Click here to see this larger and on a black background.

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Taken on June 18, 2012