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120 Pieces of the Puzzle

Many of the images I shoot are stitched together from smaller images. When I am shooting like this I have to try to keep everything (lighting, shutter speed, focus, aperture) as constant as one can from shot to shot. What you can see in this 120 image series is that something most definitely did not stay the same between shots.


On this particular day I arrived at the scene just as the clouds were starting to break up and the sun started to poke through, bounce off of everything and light up a shot here or there. Basically this entire sequence was a disaster and had to be scrapped. But it does a decent job showing how the images are assembled and why you must do your best to hold exposures constant so I thought I'd post it up here. There are some creative possibilites with the patchiness effect I want to explore in the near future - I just have to find the right subject to shoot.


The shot I posted a few days ago was taken about an hour later once the sun changed positions and the clouds had moved off.


You can get a better look at the patchwork here. and an even better look here.


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Taken on March 16, 2012