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Group Shot | by Cris Rose
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Group Shot

Wherever there is conflict there is suffering, oppression and terrible crimes that evil men would see hidden from the rest of the world. The Midnight Howlers were a group of robot primates that could be deployed in rough terrain and jungle to survey the situation on the ground. Heavily armoured and unbelievably fast, these bots were designed to send back reports to The Great Controller up to 60 miles away by screaming at tremendous volumes. No matter where they were, be it valley, jungle or anywhere radio cannot penetrate, The Great Controller would hear their cries. His body contained nothing but comms and data storage equipment and by climbing to the top of the highest mountain, would beam every byte of data that they had collected to orbiting satellites that lay in wait.


Due to the tremendous heat generated by their systems, they could only operate at night, but this gave them a tactical advantage and their midnight screams would strike fear into the hearts of those they sought. Flashes of colour in the jungle were last thing many of them saw, but vengeance was never in their programming....


The Great Controller and 2 of the Midnight Howlers will be on my store tomorrow, April 23rd at 18:00 London time - the remaining 3 go up April 24th at 18:00 London time.


The Mini King Kens were supplied by The Vinyl Meltdown! Thanks!


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Taken on April 22, 2009