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Wastes | by Kevin Fedde
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"The World war was devastating to the earth. Nations crumbled, empires disintegrated in the fighting. But no one expected a threat from outside. There was no warning, scientists were too busy developing new weapons to search the cosmos. A massive gamma ray burst from a distant star pulverized the ozone layer, leaving the planet open for an even worse attack. Four Enormous solar flares, energy a billion times the amount of a standard nuke, smashed into the western hemisphere of the earth, decimating everything that wasn't sheltered. A few mountain valleys escaped unscathed, but not much else. This may look like snow, but no, it is whats left of the surface. Glass, sand, and salt cover most of the flat places of the earth. At least on the side that was hit."


"The other side was relatively unscathed, at least until the next day. The cosmic radiation scathed the other side as the sun rose and set. Now temperatures during the day soar to 150 degrees (F), and at night they plummet to -40. White (or chrome) is your only protection from the harsh environment."


More explanation as events warrant...

Also, the theme was created by Commander Raptor.

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Taken on August 13, 2009