Desert Haven

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"And this is where the brought me!
Haven ... It's so ... unimaginable! The people here are just like normal people! They are nice, caring, and honest. Not like the rest of the World. It's amazing what they've done out here in the middle of the wilderness, too. Haven isn't just one huge rock, it's a dozen neighboring rocks and the farmland stretching between as well. I hope to visit those other rocks (hint) and meet other people there as well."

Note: The guy from my lead up stories is in the shed on the bottom. Sorry you can't see him.

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  1. were50 74 months ago | reply

    66 faves! |-(|:^O

  2. SillyKidzGTL 74 months ago | reply

    71 people can call it a fave. You're welcome. But seriously, this thing is awesome. I love it. You sir, have one.

  3. atomic dolphin [deleted] 73 months ago | reply it.

  4. Azaghal Gabilzaramul 73 months ago | reply


    This is Haven.

    (So very sorry. ;-D )

  5. Hob Took 73 months ago | reply

    That is the best apocalyptic creation I have seen!

  6. 4 Diamonds 69 months ago | reply

    How is the VW made?

  7. Crimson Wolf 69 months ago | reply

    ^With studs in every direction. using a bunch of headlight bricks and cheese slopes.

  8. thwaak 69 months ago | reply

    Coming to this party much too late...just wanted to say this is amazing. Well done!

  9. Hound' 69 months ago | reply

    This is the awesomest Apocalego I have ever seen!

  10. Tapioca Pudding 67 months ago | reply

    This is my absolute favorite apocaLEGO creation. Ever.

  11. mono45 67 months ago | reply

    chabooon cuanto estuviste haciendo eso?
    esta re copado .l ohisiste vos??

  12. ~Entropy~ 65 months ago | reply

    Beautiful Work! Just Beautiful!!!

  13. were50 63 months ago | reply

    Almost a year and peaple are still comenting on this beautiful creation.
    Crimson Wolf, you should be proud of yourself.

  14. THE BRICK TIME Team 61 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Brick Time, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  15. Mlucci( Fallout Addict...Need Fixer ) 56 months ago | reply

    reminds me so much of fallout 3 or the game borderlands

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