PRINTED - 12/08
Crewest and Two Rabbits Studios Presents:
"An Exhibition about Hand Printed Art"

The Opening Reception was December 6th from 6 - 9pm and was off the hook!

Over 700 peeps were in attendance that night! We ended up shutting down the event at exactly 9pm because of the huge crowd that was spilling out into the street and causing traffic to back up in all directions.

Two Rabbits handled the live hand-printing
at the opening and during the Downtown Artwalk.

With live sets performed by DJ Phyz Ed throughout both nights.

The exhibition features an exclusive mix of limited hand printed urban art by LA's most influential up and coming artists.

Such as the following notable artists:
14Bolt, 2 Cents, 20mg, Adam Hathorn, Ako, Atick, Billy Bishop, Blinky, Branded, Brandy Flower, Cat Cult, Contra one, Dash "2000" Fidel, David Flores, DKNG, Deadmundo, Demon Slayer, Drool, EnikOne, Euth, Favianna Rodriguez, Gaso, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Jaber, Jerm, Jesus Barraza, John Carr, Join the Surveillance, Karen Fiorito, Logo, Mear One, Mad 66, Mad One, Marco Rached, Mas, Max Neutra, Melanie Cervantes, Naut, Never, Otis, Political Gridlock, Project Rabbit, Ra, Rkoil, Repent One, Septerhed, Shark Toof, Sherm, Slick, Smear, Smog, Sub, Tuner, Vyal, WERC, Wizard, and more.

In this digital age where duplication and reproduction are common place, old school style hand printed artwork will bring back the appeal for hand crafted art.

There are many limited edition prints for sale and on display for the rest of the month of December, some for as little as $20!

Show extended through Jan. 3rd!
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