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The Lighthouse At East Wharf

This is probably the most photographed place in and around Oklahoma City, but it was a first for me.


Lake Hefner


The sign in front of the lighthouse reads


The lighthouse at East Wharf was constructed in 1999, it is a 36-foot working replica of the second oldest light station in America, Brandt Point.


The 26-foot Brandt Point Lighthouse was built in 1746 near Nantucket, Ma. The lighthouse at East Wharf is a classic example of the coastal beacons that proudly stood watch over 300-year period of manned light stations. Through technology, light stations are now fully automated and no longer require lighthouse keepers. The lighthouse at East Wharf is a member of the U.S. Lighthouse Society. The society was founded to assist in the preservation and restoration of light stations - the symbols of our nations maritime heritage.


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Taken on January 11, 2009