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This picture turned out much better than I was expecting. It's one of the first photos I've taken in a long time that I actually really like. Is that weird to say?

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  1. {zara} 69 months ago | reply

    not weird at all :) this is awesome. if i took it, i'd be proud too.
    i love the spots!

  2. andreadespot 69 months ago | reply

    this is beautiful!

  3. Creature Comforts 69 months ago | reply

    Thank you both! ♥

  4. MyFineGarden 69 months ago | reply

    I don't think it's weird to say at all. I enjoy hearing that from photographers. I think it gives quite an insight into what how you view your style.

  5. Creature Comforts 69 months ago | reply

    Thanks ladies. : )

  6. trish.papadakos 69 months ago | reply

    It's truly gorgeous! Truly.

  7. heyk8 69 months ago | reply

    lovely. what lens did you use?

  8. Creature Comforts 69 months ago | reply

    @ heyk8 At the risk of sounding like a total idiot I have to say that I'm not entirely sure. It says Nikkor 18-200mm.
    *hides head in shame*

  9. {kittybits} 69 months ago | reply

    tee hee! no shame in that! ;o)

    i love this. looks like a polka dot tutu!

  10. lauratrevey 69 months ago | reply

    Such brilliant Color ~~ I love that.

  11. ariel is...surrounded by boxes [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    Lovely, wonderful color and such a great angle. (No, not weird to say at all regarding liking your pix. - at least not to me...which may indicate you should consider the source).

  12. heyk8 69 months ago | reply

    oh please don't feel shame! plus that's a great lens. i've been coveting it! but i just got a 50mm and thought this might have been taken with one ... the depth of field is so lovely.

  13. Creature Comforts 69 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments everyone!
    @ heyk8 Thanks! I'm still learning my camera...and I have a lot more to learn but it's fun to figure everything out. Have fun with your new lens! ; )

  14. Tara Anderson 66 months ago | reply

    i think it's a beautiful photo too! love that color of yellow!!

  15. ●irene [deleted] 62 months ago | reply


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