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LOLA package | by Creature Comforts
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LOLA package

Simple Tutorial:


Supplies Needed:

-Gift Wrap

-Razor Blade (x-acto brand was used here)

-Cutting mat (or suitable surface for cutting with the razor blade)

-Tracing paper (Vellum was used in this project and worked well)

-Silver contact paper with peel-off backing (other patterns could be used for a different effect)

-Silver Pen (my favorite brand is Sakura Pen-Touch, and I used the Extra Fine Point pen)



Top Left:

Wrap your gift in desired paper. Tissue paper or patterned wrap would give a different effect, but one which you might like. Be creative.


Top Right:

Find an image of a frame you like, or draw one on your own. I drew my own design onto vellum which seemed to work well. Your frame can be as simple or ornate as you like, however the more ornate your design, the longer it will take you to cut out.

Lay a piece of silver adhesive shelf liner similar to the brand found here: (I used a roll found at Target, which was about $7) onto your cutting surface, and place your frame design on top of it.

Tape the outside edges of your paper down in several places so that they do not slide around (not shown). Cut out your design. *Note: I highly recommend cutting out the ornate details first before removing the center, and then finally the outside edge. This will give you more surface area to hold onto as you work on the harder bits.

Center Left:

Once you have finished cutting out your design, clean up your edges (if needed) and removed paper backing from silver design. Work slowly as contact paper has a tendency to rip if pulled wrong.


Center Right:

Place your design (sticky side down, or course) onto your previously wrapped gift, and smooth it down. You may want to mark your gift in the place where you want to adhere your design before removing the backing. Once you stick it on, it is there for good!


Bottom Left:

Using your silver pen, write the gift recipient's name. Alternately you could write a short message or even a special quote or song lyric. Have fun with it!


Bottom Right:

You're done! Give your gift away with pride and watch the excitement on your loved-ones face when they see how much time you put into wrapping a beautiful gift, which is sure to be as unique as they are!


Final Note: The contact paper in this tutorial could easily be replaced by any sort of decorative paper. Follow the instructions through as listed above, but use glue to adhere your paper frame to your gift. There you have it!


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Uploaded on August 11, 2006