CreativeMornings CGN with Erik Eklund
We invited Erik Eklund to talk about CreativeMornings global theme #cmINCLUSIVE. Stay tuned for the video – an inspiring talk about LOVE, ROMANCE and SEX… Special thanks to TERRITORY Webguerillas for hosting us and a delicious breakfast sponsored by our location, VERIVAL Bio and Mission More! Big thumbs up for our fantastic film team Grande Pico, yummy coffee by Heilandt Kaffeemanufaktur refreshing drinks by Gaffels Fassbrause / Gaffel Kölsch and social media/orga by Veedelswerk / Limmaland. Team CM: Nadja Felk, Petra Sonnenberg-Greulich, Antigoni El Greca, Anna Dąbrowska, Lara Rodeo, Rabea Knippscheer, Vera Drewke and Nadine Prowaznik. Photos and credits by our beloved Vera Drewke / Vera Drewke Photography thanks a lot!!!
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