Photos by Kimberley Mead. Directed by Rudy Ramirez. Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon. Lighting Design by Patrick Anthony. Costume Design by Jennifer Rose Davis. Original Musical Score and Sound Design by Chris Humphrey. Puppets and props by Melissa Vogt, Helen Parish, and Ann Marie Gordon.

Changelings features Travis Bedard as Magus Kemp, Zac Carr as Timothy Stamp, Nickclette Izuegbu as Pandora, Mindy Rast Keenan as Bantam Beth, Ben McLemore as Luther Powers, Julie Moore as Luwis, Amber Quick as The Luck Angel, Laura Ray as Megan Powers, Gricelda Silva as The Wicked Child, Amelia Turner as The Whiteling, and the Movement Chorus of Jonathan Itchon, Winnie Hsia, Melissa Treviño, and Joanna Wright.
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