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For the first time in my life...

Shot with Canon EOS 40D + Canon 100,, f/2.8 USM Macro


I still carry some of my photographical demotivation with me, but its getting better I think.


The scene in which I took todays image however, released every little bit of fascination, and reactivated me in a way, that I would not have ever expected.


While being at my noon break at work, I cycled to a nearby park, in order to rest and read a bit.

It took a bit to find the perfect spot, right beneath a big tree, but when I sat down and started to read, I realized an unusual sight right in front of me.


Just in front of me, in the middle of a big lawn, hundreds of small insects started flying towards the sky. I could not really see what it was, so I got closer.

Then I saw it:

Thousands of flying ants exited their nest, climbed the small plants around their headquarter and launched. It was amazing. Just a few weeks ago I watched a documentary about this, but to see it with my own eyes was more than fascinating.


The small supermen flew for the first time in their life, and struggled heavily to get their wings under control. I tried to capture the starting masses, but that was not possible.

So I focussed on single ants instead, and combined with the light leaking through the trees, the scene created a wonderful composition.


It was magic, actually, and I instantly fell in love with my hobby again.


More stories and photography?


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Taken on July 25, 2012