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Day 122

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So Walk! [deleted] says:

I want to be at each of these locations. You're blessed to live near such natural beauty. Wish I could fave this entire set. All the photos are so real and classically composed.

ps Oh yeah, you're stunning too.
Posted 73 months ago. ( permalink )

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love over time says:

Between reality and dreams. Nice/ Sabina
Posted 66 months ago. ( permalink )

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Fadi Ghaleeb says:

i am blown away with your photos. I can't believe there's someone like you who exist in this world. You have just made a history and currently making one through these photos. You will never be forgotten.
Posted 65 months ago. ( permalink )

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The girl with the red shoes says:

Dear crashbangsqueak,
Last year I discovered your photostream and it blew me away.
I am 14 and love photography. Looking through your photos, new and old, I can't help but feel inspired.
Everything you take is so beautiful and meaningful and lovely ...
You're probably thinking- 'Who the heck is this creepy little girl who keeps on commenting on my photos?'
But I really, truly am in love with the photos you take.
I can't wait to see your latest uploads.
When you wish apon a star ✪
Posted 42 months ago. ( permalink )

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