Blue Bob

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    A man in a wrestling mask standing in the middle of an abandoned drive-in theater in Mountain Home, Idaho. Something odd about that?

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    1. robotsandwrestlers 106 months ago | reply

      I love this picture.

      - El Santo

    2. Cranky Media Guy 106 months ago | reply

      Thanks, El Santo. Yeah, now that I kind of know you, I would think that this shot SHOULD be a favorite of yours. It's my favorite picture of me of all time. I wanted to do it for months before I finally got my wife to shoot it. I just like EVERYTHING about it!

    3. Floating Lantern 102 months ago | reply

      Nothing odd at all. This is probably the best thing I have seen on flickr yet.
      And so much like the kind of image I want to make, or might even be making lately if I am lucky.
      I have been wanting to do a painting of an abandoned drive in theatre for about a year now.

    4. Cranky Media Guy 102 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Clousenheim. It's my favorite photo of me of all time. When I saw that abandoned drive-in theater in Mountain Home, Idaho, I just KNEW that I had to take that shot there! Months passed and finally I had the mask, the suit and everything was ready to go.

      We were afraid we'd get in trouble, since we were trespassing, after all, but nothing happened. I just love the way the whole thing looks--me in the mask, the weeds growing up through the dirt, the screen, all of it.

      Yeah, I think you'd do a good job of painting a drive-in theater. You definitely should do that ASAP.

      I think it's cool that you "get it" about this photo.

    5. Floating Lantern 102 months ago | reply

      I do get it, but it seems that only people with rubber masks get it.. :)

    6. Cranky Media Guy 102 months ago | reply

      Hey, that there mask isn't rubber, it's SPANDEX, Buster!

    7. Space][rucker 98 months ago | reply

      I think I agree that I would like to take a picture like this too some day.

    8. Cranky Media Guy 98 months ago | reply

      No problem. All you need is a Blue Demon mask, a black suit and an abandoned drive-in theater. I recommend the one in Mountain Home, Idaho. Oh, you should take a camera, too.

    9. cjmellows 92 months ago | reply

      Kinda looks like a Pink Floyd album cover!

    10. Cranky Media Guy 92 months ago | reply

      Dark Side of the Goon?

    11. cjmellows 92 months ago | reply

      Absolutely lol!

    12. Hobbos 92 months ago | reply

      That´s perfect! I´m looking for this kind of photos for my group! Could you please join My group

    13. Consumerist Dot Com 90 months ago | reply

      Is this from the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake?

    14. Cranky Media Guy 90 months ago | reply

      Well, perhaps it should be, Consumerist, but it isn't. It's me standing in an abandoned drive-in theater in Mountain Home, Idaho.

    15. Loveisaverb1 85 months ago | reply

      Maybe he's there to see "Beyond the Mat." Or maybe even Nacho Libre!

    16. Cranky Media Guy 85 months ago | reply

      Well, considering that it's broad daylight and there's no speakers anywhere around, he ain't gonna see (or hear) much of anything.

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