Garage Window

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    It must be a disease, but I just can't pass up a good window. Or door. I... can I be helped? I mean, c'mon. How many fricking pictures of a window like this does somebody need?

    Central Penn

    Mamiya RZ

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    1. moufle ages ago | reply

      come visit NYC! we have some wonderful old industrial windows. I'll organize an NYC photostroll to accompany you

    2. gcarraig ages ago | reply

      That'd be great, actually! I slow anyone down if I'm dragging around an RZ and tripod?

      Seriously, gimme a coupla weeks to get thru holiday craziness, but I'd love to. Haven't been up that way wiht gear in ages and I always kick myself.

    3. Iguana Jo ages ago | reply

      It doesn't matter how many broken or abandoned windows I did see. This still rocks!


    4. Leandro Bugni ages ago | reply

      know what you mean...

      Wonderful shot!!

    5. annabelletexter ages ago | reply

      as many windows as you can find! never can have too many, this one is way cool!

    6. Norma Tub ages ago | reply

      Can't be too many like this!

    7. Heteronimos Asociados ages ago | reply

      A new great picture!!!

    8. _schadenfreude ages ago | reply

      is a amazing, and doors and windows are also one of my passions!

    9. -Antoine- ages ago | reply

      That's such a great find! So many textures here...

    10. Janet Leadbeater ages ago | reply

      i think you may be beyond help!

      but seriously, who could go past these yummy textures, and each pane subtly different???

    11. Blue Dragonfly Girl ages ago | reply

      I'm glad you couldn't pass up taking a picture of this window -- it's beautiful as though each pane is a painting -- good choice on the black and white.

    12. sfrances ages ago | reply

      i have the same problem:
      when windows and reflections collide...

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