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Going BACK ! | by Craig Sharp
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Going BACK !

Aaargh... I know I said I was going away for a couple of weeks to sort some stuff out.. but I got inspired. And that is something that does not happen to me that often theses days.

Plus.. I needed to do a "Dust" style image for the tutorial videos that I am currently putting together.

So as you can see.. one of the videos will teach you how to do this exact image.


The inspiration for this came from a relative... having a chat about past events that happened when me and my girlfriend were just children.. long before we had even met.

It was just a little sentence in a long discussion that caught my mind. An event so meaningless at the time but it actually caused a sequence of events that made my life what it is now..

A woman asked another woman if she would like a coffee one morning... that simple. If those two ladies had not met by chance in the street one day.. then my girlfriends mother would not have moved to the town I lived.

And then we would never have met. And everything as I know it would be so much different.

And it just got me thinking... something so simple as popping for a drink with a stranger in 1986 led to my girlfriends mum meeting someone, moving town, and eventually near to where I lived. Me and Susan would then meet.. fast forward 15 years and we have 4 kids and everything is perfect.


That was just one event… there were probably thousands of other events just like that…that had the same effect and all muddled together have got us all where we are now.


Then it got me thinking about the trivial things that may have happened that caused bad things to happen.. like death in the family and so on....


And what if we had the chance to go back... if we could just travel back in time and walk amongst people of the past.


When would you go to ? what would you do ? or what would you change ? and the life-long discussion about how you could never go back and prevent your own birth or kill yourself...because you would not have existed in the future to travel back in time and do it !!!


Me personally... after thinking about for such a long time.. would not change a single thing. Even the bad things that have happened in my life have shaped and made me the person I am today. And my life, right now is perfect as it can be.


I have had great times and tragic times.. but they all happened for a reason. I think if I could go back.. I would go back and see what my great grandparents looked like and how life was for everyone before I was born.. probably a lot quieter and more relaxed ha

or what my mum and dad were like as teenagers !! ha ha I dread to think.. It would be great to see me as a kid and just watch myself at pre-school and see if I was really a little shit like my mum says I was !


I think travelling back within the last 150 years is what appeals to me most. And just seeing how my family was and the way they lived. It would be amazing.


maybe I would go back and witness a historical event.. I don’t know…maybe I could give my great grandad an iPod touch and see what happens ! I’m not going down the old lottery numbers scenario ! That is just way to predictable.. ;o)


But still…I wonder what simple decisions that seem so meaningless now, are actually shaping massive changes in the future.


I could talk about it for hours.... will it ever be possible ? maybe its already been done and we don’t know it. Fuck knows...its Friday... have a great weekend my most amazing flickrino's


And if you did like the video things I have been posting about how the image was put together.. then you can now watch them in full 1080p Hi-Def now.. And today’s is right....HERE


also can I just say thank you to Alyssa and Salvo for the most kind act of writing me a testimonial... I will most definitely return the favour :o)


Edit: Explored !! thank you !!!


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