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278/365 Remembering Dad

7 years ago I lost my dad.. he died of cancer. It happens. The whole family was devastated. I think I coped quite well at the time. As with cancer.. you sort of know that they are going to die.. but just not as fast as my dad did. Its just not how I expected him to go ! He was the party man.. always.

He was great. And I know there are a lot of people out there who are thinking about him today.. I would like to name them in this little tribute.. but I am scared I would miss someone off.

The scary thing about today ? its been 7 years !!!!

So much has happened in that time... he never knew anything about.. when he died I had a little 3 year old boy who he doted on.. and a 10 month old girl who he adored.. now.. I have 2 more children he never met.. Its the only thing that makes me sad.. he never met my 2 little girls.. and he never got to see the other 2 grow up.. he would be so proud.


Just letting you know,, you are still missed !! A lot !!

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Taken on January 3, 2010